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2.The membership is restricted to Actor Artistes in FEATURE FILMS and will be admitted on the prescribed application forms with      specified fees to the Executive Committee of the Association. The Executive Committee will be the final authority to allocate the type of      membership and its decision shall be final in the matter.
3. An applicant for membership should have completed the age of 18. If the applicant is less than 18 years old, the parent or guardian      shall sign and submit the application. Executive Committee shall consider such application and admit according to the constitution and     bye-law. Such member, till his attaining the age of 18 or his guardian or his parent will have no voting right.
4. There will be following types of membership -
a. Ordinary Membership
b. Life Membership
c. Honorary Membership

The qualifications for becoming a member of different categories are-

a. Ordinary Membership

The member artiste who could not be classified as Life member for want of experience, acceptance or standing in the field shall be classified as Ordinary Membeiby the Executive Committee.

b. Life Membership

A person who is in full-time acting in Feature Films and who is in the profession of full-time acting for not less than 1 year shall become Life member by paying the specified fees.

c. Honorary Membership

 The member who is admitted into membership as a Member of honour without fees by the Executive Committee and as approved by the     members in the General Body.
5. The Executive Committee shall consider the social status, dignity and standing of the applicant before admitting him/her as Member.
6. Every applicant has to fill up and sign the prescribed application form and submit to the Association with necessary fees and with the      support of recommendations of two existing Life Members.
7. The Executive Committee is fully authorized and empowered to analyse and scrutinize the applications and admit them in the respective      categories. The Executive Committee, in the interest of the Association may reject or defer any application of membership without      assigning any reason thereof. If any application is rejected the applicant shall apply for reconsideration after the lapse of 6 months from      the date of original application.
8. To decide to admit a Member, the proposal is to be approved by all the Executive Committee Members in the Executive Committee      Meeting in which the proposal is presented and the application stands rejected even if one Executive Committee Member present in the      Meeting objects to such application.
9. The Executive Committee may form a Membership Committee to assist them in scrutinizing and recommending for membership of      applicant where the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.
10. Each Member has to pay the fees prescribed in the bye-laws.
11. A person admitted to membership shall be eligible to exercise his right to vote as a member of the Association only if he has made all       payments incidental to membership in the Association prescribed in these bye-laws and he shall not be disqualified under a       declaration made by the Executive Committee preventing the member from the exercise of such rights.

Article II : Fees and Dues

1. The fees for various memberships shall be as follows:-
i. Application fees as determined by the Executive Committee.
ii. Admission fees shall be Rs. 500/- for all types of membership except Honorary
iii. Membership fees payable at the time of joining.
a.Life Member Rs. 25,000/-
b.Ordinary Member Rs. 1,200/-

iv. Ordinary Members are to pay Rs. 1,200/- as subscription per year, payable before 30th April, of every year.
2. If there is any default in payment of fees, the Executive Committee may remove the member from the Register of Members.
3. The fees once paid shall not be refunded. Admission fees as under Article II, section 1 (ii) shall be re-funded by Executive Committee if the application is rejected.


1. A Register of Members shall be maintained and it will be open for inspection by the Members during office hours on working days.
2. Fees will not be charged for inspection of the Register of Members.

Article IV : Executive Committee and Officers

1. There shall be a Governing Body of the Association for management and carrying out the objectives of the Association and for       discharging the functions assigned to it hereunder.
2. The Governing Body of the Association shall be an Executive Committee to be constituted as the constitution and bye-laws of the       Association may provide.
3. The number of members in the Executive Committee shall not exceed 17 members and not less than the number required for forming      quorum.
4. Life Members can only become Member of the Executive Committee.
5. The term of the Executive Committee shall be three years. The year for the purpose of this section shall be reckoned from the 1 st July      ending with 30th June. The term of 3 years presented under these byelaws shall subject
     to the exception if any contemplated in any other clauses in the bye-laws of the Association.
6. Except as herein otherwise specifically provided, the decision of the Executive Committee in all Association matters shall be final,      subject only to an appeal to the Association. On such appeal the decision appealed from shall be reversed only by a two- thirds’ vote of      the members present at a meeting of the members, specified by the Executive Committee, a quorum being present, notice of such      appeal having been given by the General Secretary to all members of the Association eligible to vote at least 21 days prior to such      meeting.
7. The Executive Committee shall have general control over all officers and members of the Committee and may, for good cause, declare      any office vacant.
8. The officers of this Association shall be President, two Vice-presidents, General Secretary, Joint Secretary and the Treasurer, all of      whom shall be members of the Executive Committee and are elected by the members directly in addition to the 11 Executive     Committee Members as per Article XIII and XIV.
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