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Parvathi – A Dedicated Actress

There are some actresses in the movie industry, who, though talented, will miss getting noticed. But later they will have a tremendous comeback, shaking the whole industry with their vibrancy and talent. Parvathi is one such actresses of the Malayalam movie industry, who is reluctant to add a large number of movies in her list, but work hard to get the best from herself. She always adds a professional touch into her acting, making preparations for each and every role, doing home works etc. 
Parvathi or Parvathi Thiruvoth Kottuvata was born in Kozhikode, Kerala to Vinod Kumar and T K Usha. She has a brother named Karunakaran. Like many, Parvathi also started her career as an anchor in a Malayalam entertainment channel. This programme became a turning point in her career leading her into the Malayalam movie industry. She made her debut performance in director Viswanathan's movie, 'Out Of Syllabus'. The movie hit the theatres in the year 2006. Apart from other typical campus movies of Malayalam, 'Out Of Syllabus' stands unique with its honest treatment. Parvathi played 'Gayatri' in this movie, who was subjected to ragging and harassment.

But according to Parvathi herself and the movie industry, the real milestone in her acting career was  the release of Roshan Andrew's movie 'Notebook' in 2006. The movie did well in the box office, so also the lead actors too. Roshan introduced many new faces like Roma, Parvathi, Mariya Roy, Skanda Ashok etc in this movie. Parvathi's character, 'Pooja Krishna' had a negative shade in her and her performance was excellent. It was her success, when the audience got annoyed with 'Pooja', her character. She proved herself to be a talented actress with this movie itself...

In 2007, Parvathi did a very small role in Sathyan Anthikaad's movie 'Vinodhayatra'. Though very small, her mannerisms as Rashmi, a teenage girl fond of anchoring and modeling, was well received by the audience. The same year she did a Kannada and a Malayalam movie. In Malayalam, she enacted in Sibi Malayil's movie 'Flash'. In this movie she shared screen with Mohanlal and Indrajith. Her slightly psychic role 'Dhwani' was quite interesting.

Parvathi's role in the Tamil movie 'Poo' turned to be a challenge in her whole acting career. The role 'Mari' was exactly made for her. She completely changed herself to get fit for 'Mari' and for this very hard work, she got honoured with Filmfare Award and Vijay Award. Parvathi shared screen with actor Srikanth in 'Poo', which got released in the year 2008.

For years Parvathi didn't commit any Malayalam movies. In 2009 and 2010, she enacted in Kannada movies like Male Barali Manju Irali and Prithvi. The 2011 movie of Lijo Jose Pellissery, 'City Of God' was really a break in Parvathi's acting career. The Tamil migrant girl 'Marathakam' was safe in her hand. Again she shared screen with Indrajith in this movie. The movie got good response from the theatre.

While she was taking a break in Malayalam movies, she was busy with her Tamil and Kannada projects. In the Tamil remake of Malayalam movie 'Traffic', she replaced the role done by 'Sandhya' in Malayalam. The movie was named 'Chennayil Oru Naal' and got released in 2013. The year 2013 was quite lucky for Parvathi. She had another hit 'Maryan' in her career. Her performance as 'Panimalar' was highly acclaimed. It seems like she was actually competing with her co-star 'Dhanush' in acting. Her Kannada movie 'Andhar Bahar' also got released in the same year.

After a two year gap, Parvathi made an ever memorable comeback to her native language Malayalam with Anjali Menon's 'Bangalore Days'. No one can ever forget the lovable 'RJ Sarah' of 'Bangalore Days'. She will never make us sad but give us a will power to live and face life as it comes. Parvathi with her ever beautiful smile, made 'Sarah' one of the gems in her whole career.

Parvathi is dedicated and professional too. She always has a will power in her, which makes her one of the promising actresses of the whole movie industry. Interestingly, Parvathi has never compromised studies for her career. She had completed her Bachelor's degree in English Literature and currently she is doing Masters in Arts. Her upcoming movies are 'Ennu Ninte Moideen' , 'Uthama Villain' etc.

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