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Sajitha Madathil -Born to Act

Her movies could be few in number that you can easily count on your fingers, she may be not so active in the limelight like the other actresses of her time...but the characters played by her will always leave a mark and her very powerful presentation will prove that, she is the only person, who can do this particular role so easily and brilliantly. Yes, here we introduce 'Sajitha Madathil'.

People began to notice 'Sajitha' after her performance in the movie 'Shutter'. But, long back itself, she has proved herself to be a theatre artist or activist. Born to Chandreshekharan and Savithri at Tanur, Sajitha's started her journey as  a theatre artist long before. It was in 1980's Sajitha became an active as a theatre artist. This got a boost, when she decided to take a Masters Degree in Theatre from  Rabindra Bharathi University, Kolkata and this was a turning point in her life. The inspiration from this university lead her to direct a drama named 'Matsyagandhi', which added a great fame to her career.

Sajitha is exceptional, because, she was not at all backed by an artistic background. It was a time, when girls were not so active in drama field. But, it was the fire in her, the activist in her, which lead her to choose such a profession or follow such a passion. Sajitha not only achieved her dream career but also got her life partner from Rabindra Bharathi University. Sajitha married Robin D Cruz, whom she had met during her post graduation days. They have a son Aromal.

Sajitha's career as an actress started with the mini-screen. She did a tele-serial by Sara Joseph based on Muditheyyam. She also enacted in K V Kumaran's 'Marthandavarma', which got telecasted in Doordarshan. It was in the evergreen movie 'Nizhalkoothu', directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Sajitha had her debut appearance. The movie got released in 2002. In the very next year, she again appeared in a short film Thuruthu directed by Siby Jose.

During these years, Sajitha also worked as a producer in Kairali TV. She directed 75 episodes of a documentary titled 'Penmalayalam', dealing with woman’s issues. For her excellent performance, she received three state awards for the documentary. P K Medini – Mattathinte Pattukari, was another documentary directed by her for the Government of Kerala.

After 2003, Sajitha was not so active in limelight. But she was busy with her theatre works. In 2010, she worked in Indoor and Janaki – a short film and a children's film respectively. It was in 2011, that Sajitha was seen again in the big screen. She enacted in the movie 'Adimadhyantham', directed by Sherry.

After 'Adimadhyantham', Sajitha did supporting roles in Ee Adutha Kalathu and Evan Megharoopan. But, the real challenge was waiting for her. When actor/director, Joy Mathew decided to take a movie after a long gap of 25 years, no one thought that it will also change the destiny of Sajitha. As per her, it was her friendship with Joy, that lead her to the movie. But, apart from that, it must be his trust upon Sajitha's calibre that would have lead him to choose her. 

Sajitha enacted as a sex worker in 'Shutter'. She brilliantly portrayed the mannerisms of a sex worker and for this performance, she was rewarded with Kerala State Award for Second Best Actress in 2012. After 'Shutter', Sajitha got handfull of projects, which utilized the real talent in her. Though she had only a brief role in the suspense-thriller movie 'Akam', she did her part genuinely. In the movie 'Idukki Gold' too, the role of a loving and restless wife was safe in her hand.

Sajitha was very lucky to be part of a movie like 'Nadan' directed by Kamal. In this movie, she played the role of a drama artist and wife of Devadas done by Jayaram. The movie got mixed reviews from the theatres. Sajitha's role as 'Sudharma' was highly appreciated. Remya Nambeeshan was another lead actress of the movie 'Nadan'. In 2013, she enacted in another Jayaram movie 'Swapanam'.

The year 2014 was also a lucky year in the acting career of Sajitha. Her movies like Ottamandaram, Njan and Varsham got released in 2014. In which 'Ottamandaram' should be specially mentioned. Her role as the desperate sister 'Nila', caught in between the plight of her younger sister and her own husband was well noticed. Sometimes it seems like the lead actors in this movie were competing with each other. Apart from Sajitha, Bhama and Nandu were the other actors of 'Otta Mandaram'.

Sajitha is an artist and an activist too. In her younger age, she was active with Students Federation of India. This spark in her is always seen in her acting too. Her contributions to the theatre sector is highly commendable. Sajitha has also served as the Deputy secretary of Sangeetha Nataka Academy and also Deputy Director of Kerala Chalachitra Academy. A book written by her about the theater history of women in Kerala had received the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award.

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