Thrissivaperoor Kliptham      
Year of release : 2017
Director : Ratheish Kumar
Producer : Fareed Khan Shaleel Azeez
Cast : Asif Ali
Aparna Balamurali
Shilpi Sharma
Chemban Vinod
Vineeth Mohan
Music : Bijibal
Cinematography : Swaroop Philip
Story/Writer : PS Rafeeque
Editing : Shameer Muhammad
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Excellent, Worth seeing again & again
Great, Must see
Good, Worth seeing
Fair, Watchable in parts
Lame, Sure looser
User Ratings Summary:
(100%) - Excellent, Worth seeing again & again
(0%) - Great, Must see
(0%) - Good, Worth seeing
(0%) - Fair, Watchable in parts
(0%) - Lame, Sure looser
Total Rated Users : 1
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